About Legends Pub Aruba

The Legends Pub concept was created by Eduardo & Michelle Pablo and partners Scott & Leslie Steeno. Eduardo and Michelle are owners of “Eduardo’s Beach Shack”, a very successful business on Palm Beach at Playa Linda Beach Resort. Eduardo is local, born and raised in Aruba and Michelle is a hard working Aussie from Australia. Scott and Leslie hail from Wisconsin (Scott from Green Bay and Leslie from Madison) GO PACK GO! They Own Scott’s Brats, another busy venue at Play Linda Beach Resort. Ownership consists of 4 of us along with Julie Harris and Steven Gale. Julie Harris is CFO/CEO of “It’s a 10” hair care products and her husband Steve is a real estate broker. They reside in Florida.

We combined our entrepreneurial spirit into Legends Pub. Our goal was to build an environment of great food, great music, fair prices and a place to enjoy your favorite sporting events. We like to think we accomplished our goal with a menu that features everything from burgers and wings to prime rib with many tasty in betweens. We look forward to serving our friends the best food and providing the casual experience of Aruba. We think our executive chef Cliff has the “know how” and experience to do most anything in the kitchen and our staff has been “hand picked” as the best on the island.